Speegle Construction has been awarded the contract to construct a new standard Automated Qualification Training Range (QTR) on approximately 275 acres at Fort Stewart, Georgia. The contract is awarded through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Savannah District in the amount of $13,279,500. The primary administrative facilities include the QTR, range operations control area (ROCA), control tower, academic classroom building, maintenance support operations/storage building, bleacher enclosure, covered mess, ammunition breakdown building, and latrine (with water closets). Supporting facilities include electric service, water, sewer, gas, rigid and flexible paving (ROAC and down range access), walks, curbs and gutters and storm drainage. This project is intended to provide a standard training range to support weapons used to engage stationary and moving infantry targets, along with stationary armor targets in a tactical array.

This project is scheduled to be completed in 540 days.