Location: Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Cost: $10,540,000

Completed On: April 2011

This new two story, 31,372 square foot facility is designed to service more than 45,000 airmen and dependents. It contains 52 dental treatment rooms and a state-of-the art dental laboratory plus additional space for administrative support and the dental residency program. Included within this space are both General and Hygienist rooms and rooms for Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Endodontics and X-ray. The inclusion of four Oral Surgery rooms in the facility resulted in a mixed-use classification of Business/Ambulatory Health Care. Coordination of the supply and installation of the new dental equipment by Speegle was a significant effort for this project. Specialty items for this facility included exam lights, a Sterisil H2O System, a Reverse Osmosis System, Sterilizers and a compressed air system for running dental equipment.

The building is set on a concrete foundation with a steel frame and bar joist roof construction support system. The exterior is stucco and split face CMU walls with a standing seam metal roof. The site of the project was completed with all infrastructure support required for the project including pedestrian sidewalks, site utilities, stormwater runoff control, service & emergency vehicle access drives, AT/FP measures (DoD force protection) and a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) parking lot. To see completed jobsite photos click here.

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