Location: Hurlburt Field, Florida

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Cost: $6,400,000

Completed On: March 2008

This project involved the complete reworking of the main entrances at the Sound Side and the Main Base at Hurlburt Field in order to upgrade both to meet the Department of Defense’s Anti-terrorism Force Protection Requirements.

The contract included removal of the existing main gate at Hurlburt Field, new construction of AT/FP requirements, a visitors’ center, a commercial inspection station and single lane guard stations. The contract also included new construction of a Sound Side gate with a single lane guard station and a vehicle inspection lane.

At the North Side Entrance, Speegle Construction constructed the following: Commercial Inspection Canopy with an asphalted drive area; Security Guard Canopy including three security guard portals/kiosks and asphalted drive lanes; new pop up barriers with drop arms; Controls for all six lanes; Cable beam barrier system; and concrete islands and curbs. Additionally, Speegle installed a new generator with automatic transfer switch, a new primary power and utility infrastructure including stormwater design and retention ponds which required RCP and HDPE for directional boring under Cody Avenue. This North Side construction also included complete landscaping and irrigation.

At the Sound Side Speegle Construction constructed the following: New Security Canopy with Building; Pop up barriers with drop arms and control; and a cable beam barrier system around the perimeter of the site. Also included in the Sound Side construction was a complete new utility infrastructure which entailed clearing and grubbing, water, sewer, power and communication requirements. The utility infrastructure package required a new storm water design complete with retention ponds. The site work included new asphalt roads, pavement markings, concrete curbing, a radius concrete round-a-bout, exterior site lighting and complete landscape and irrigation.

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