Location: Crestview, Florida

Owner: Okaloosa County School Board

Cost: $15,600,000

Completed On: April 2009

Construction of a new 105,000 square foot state of the art elementary school in Crestview, Florida. The school consisted of 51 classrooms spread out over 5 wings inclusive of specialized education rooms and dedicated art, library and science areas. The main building contains a cafetorium, kitchen, media center and library, music room and administrative offices. The entire building is constructed as an Enhanced Hurricane Protection Area to serve 1,811 persons. The site package included a P.E. pavilion, baseball field and basketball court. The architectural design philosophy for the new facility provided an environment that supported the academic goals in an efficient design by employing the use of stacked building wings emanating from the administrative and general purpose areas (library, cafeteria, music rooms).

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