March 18, 2013

Speegle Construction, Inc. was recently awarded the FY-12 F-35 Squadron Operations Facility-aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) 2 project at Luke AFB, AZ through the Los Angeles U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District in the amount of $12,358,500. This 42,000 SF sprinkler-equipped project will consist of a combined Squad Ops and AMU facility that includes standard administrative office areas as well as project unique work areas for flight planning, secure air crew briefing/debriefing & training, flight crew life support equipment storage, maintenance areas, tool cribs for parts storage and classified vaults. The structure will be constructed utilizing a combination of structural CMU and steel on a concrete slab and foundation. Exterior cladding will employ a South Western theme and will utilize split face CMU, board formed concrete, insulated wall panels and a standing seam metal roof. LEED elements that will be used to achieve a LEED Silver rating include translucent wall panels, metal sun shades and solar panels. Site work will include demolition of existing pavements, import of fill, site utilities, airfield paving, Ground Support Vehicle canopies and airfield paving. Specialized systems include NIPR/SIPRnet, raised access flooring, access control, intrusion detection system (IDS), connection to the base-wide energy monitoring and control system (EMCS), fire protection & alarm, lightning protection and photovoltaic (PV) systems. The Design portion of the project will be performed by Speegle’s design parter, STOA Architects of Pensacola, FL. This project will be completed within 540 calendar days.