“As a project architect with over 25 years experience, I have worked with many general contractors. Few equal the ability and competency in their given fields as Speegle Construction, Inc. Their fairness in working through revisions and cost increases and offering innovative and cost saving ideas was, in my experiences, unparalleled.”

Anthoney B. Noles, Project Architect, Registered AIA

“Speegle Construction, Inc. has worked on the Okaloosa County School District construction program for 10+ years. They are a very strong, qualified, General Contractor. I would highly recommend them.”

Thomas Mitchell, Construction Manager, Jacobs Titan

“In Construction work, problems arise almost constantly. In the past, one of Speegle Construction, Inc.’s strongest points has been the willingness to work through problems, suggest solutions and bring the modification process to a quick close.”

Jeremiah Walker, P.E., Resident Engineer, USACE Mobile District

“In an environment where on-time performance and adherence to budget are the most critical parameters, they (Speegle) have never failed to meet the strict requirements of every project. They work to minimize change requests and, when required, are always fair and just in determining the value of additional work. Speegle is adept at adjusting to changing owner requirements…..Speegle has developed a strong reputation throughout the Florida Panhandle as an exemplary General Contractor. The professionalism and fairness they exhibit in performing all aspects of their work are greatly appreciated and respected. I would highly recommend Speegle Construction, Inc. for consideration.”

Joel A. Linder, Program Manager, Okaloosa County School District

“Speegle Construction, Inc. performed exceptionally well in all areas of design, construction, schedule management, project management, quality control, job supervision, customer relations and subcontractor management…I highly recommend Speegle Construction, Inc. as a construction contractor and manager of construction.”

Dale Smith, Project Engineer, Corps of Engineers

“Speegle has developed a reputation throughout the USACE Mobile District as one of the premier Military Design and Construction firms. Having worked with Speegle on the BEQ for the EOD, it is clear to me that this reputation is duly earned. I would recommend Speegle Construction on future Dormitory projects and other opportunities as they arise. I look forward to working with them again.”

Theresa Withee, Bachelor Housing and Lodging Manager, CIV NAS Pensacola

“With effective, efficient management, Speegle Construction successfully completed the Consolidated Health Clinic with a high quality standard, ahead of schedule, and within a defined budget, extremely satisfying the end user. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, all key players including Speegle’s field staff were commended by the MEDCOM Commander.”

Harry H. Kye, P.E., Area Engineer, USACE, Savannah District

“Contractor was very proactive resolving issues as they developed. The Home Office was very effective focusing on customer issues and aggressively working towards solutions.”

Chuck Ford, Project Engineer, USACE, Mobile District

“Customer is well pleased with the design and timely performance of this project. The professionalism and quality of work has been exceptional and noted by many visitors to the project.”

Jim Scheer, P.E, Former Resident Engineer, USACE, Mobile District