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Speegle Construction values its relationships with all of its Subcontractors, Vendors, and Suppliers. We know that each project’s success is attributed to the hard work and dedication of our team members. Thank you for your continued desire to support Speegle and help us better serve our Customers!


Speegle Construction requires specific insurance types and limits from its subcontractors. Both the Schedule of Insurance Requirements and a sample ACORD Insurance Form can be requested by clicking here.


All information listed in the “Complete Payment Application Package and Instructions” that accompanies your Purchase Order or Contract is required for a payment application to be processed by Speegle.



One of the hallmarks of Speegle Construction is that it stands behind every project which it builds. As is often the case, the customer seldom remembers how we started but instead focuses on how we finished and more importantly, how we took care of any problems that were encountered after the project was completed. In order to ensure that our Customer’s memory remains favorable, Speegle strives to provide prompt and efficient warranty service. Speegle’s standard warranty is one year from date of substantial completion for all items not covered by extended warranties. Longer warranties may apply when required by the contract, or when offered by the manufacturer (e.g., standing seam metal roofs and compressors). Speegle fully expects that its subcontractors and vendors will embrace the same commitment to promptly respond to all warranty calls.


Speegle Construction, Inc. is totally committed to safety as the first and foremost consideration of the company. Speegle Construction, Inc. believes that an accident and injury free job site is attainable through safe work practices and cooperation of all its employees and subcontractors.

Therefore, it is the policy of Speegle Construction, Inc. that the company’s employees are provided with a safe work environment in accordance with accepted standards and practices of the construction industry. The supervisors of Speegle Construction, Inc. and its subcontractors will direct, motivate and instruct their employees in safe work practices throughout each workday. The employees shall comply with all safety rules and instructions of their supervisors and accept personal responsibility of their own protection and consequences of their actions.


“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.” – William A Foster
“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford
“Quality is not an extracurricular activity. Instead, it is the single greatest measure of who we are as an Organization.” – Troy D. Speegle

At the heart of quality is the issue of integrity. We must repeatedly ask ourselves, are we giving our customer the product for which they have paid? To make the issue of quality more relevant, we must raise the question “would we accept the product or service if it were completed in the same manner in our own home?”

At Speegle Construction, we are serious about the quality of the product that we offer to our customers. We have worked hard to establish a reputation for excellence in our line of business. Subcontractors doing business with Speegle will be expected to provide a high level of professional quality that will help set us apart from our competition. Speegle regularly employs a separate Quality Control Manager for each of its projects to monitor quality and adherence to plans and specifications. Speegle’s Construction Quality Control program utilizes the three phases of inspection required by the Army Corps of Engineers. In certain instances, specific quality control personnel are required to be provided by subcontractors which may include quality control specialist for Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical. All subcontractors performing work for Speegle WILL BE REQUIRED to have a contractor quality control plan in place with a QA system for all work which they perform. A copy of the Corps of Engineers requirements for the Contractor’s Quality Control Plan may be requested by clicking here.

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