Location: Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

Cost: $20,020,365

Completed On: July 2014

This project involves the construction of a new 67,000 square foot hangar with administrative and shop areas to support C-130’s stationed at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. Designed with a Southwestern theme in mind, the shop and administrative lean-to areas contain exterior accents consisting of adobe colored block, arched shaped window and door openings and a Spanish tile colored standing seam metal roof. The hangar is designed to service two C-130’s simultaneously and is built to DOD force protection standards.

In keeping with the Government’s emphasis on Green Construction, the project is designed to LEED(R) Silver utilizing energy efficient cooling, translucent panel daylighting,  use of low VOC adhesives and use of regional materials and FSC wood. The hangar bay is protected by a foam fire protection system while the administrative and shop areas are protected by a wet pipe fire protection system. Explosion proof electrical lighting and equipment is installed throughout the hangar bays and underground electrical and utilities are installed by means of aircraft rated service pits. Site elements include heavy duty concrete aprons, native landscaping and aluminum shade awnings over outdoor break areas. The interior contains dedicated locker rooms with shower areas, conference and debriefing rooms, ready rooms and offices for senior staff members. Shop space is provided for tool storage, workrooms, tool checkout, and caged storage for parts and supplies. Additional storage is provided via raised mezzanines accessible thru the hangar bay. Suspended from the hangar structure are service catwalks, overhead cranes and a fall arrest system for use when working on the C-130’s.

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