“Design-Build Solutions” is the phrase that best describes Speegle Construction, Inc.  In 1998 the strategic focus of Speegle became the commercial Design-Build market. Since that time, Speegle has obtained the reputation of being one of the top Design-Build contractors in the Southeast. Speegle has completed many successful Design-Build projects that are supported by an internal Design-Build process that ensures the best possible results for our customers. Speegle aligns our highly skilled construction managers with architectural and engineering firms that are best suited to complete the project at hand. Our reputation of being a top tier Design-Build contractor allows us the unique opportunity to be selective with the A & E firms and subcontractors that we choose to support specific projects. From the architects and engineers to the major subcontractors making up our team, everyone involved in our projects has Design-Build experience. This allows SCI to offer what every successful Design-Build project requires; an effective design paired with a true team approach between seasoned construction professionals.

Business Structure of Design-Build

The typical business structure of a Design-Build contract is between the Owner and the Prime Contractor who is usually a General Contractor. After obtaining a thorough understanding of the Owner’s needs, the Prime Contractor selects the project design team. The design team is responsible for satisfying the Owner’s requirements while at the same time ensuring that the design complies with all State and local building codes.  Under the Design-Build approach, the Prime Contractor has complete control over the entire Design-Build process and all team members including the architects, design engineers, subcontractors and tradesman. The primary focus of the Design-Build contractor is ensuring that the Owner’s expectations are met when it comes to quality, timely delivery and price.

One Contract to Manage

Under traditional bidding methods, Owners are required to negotiate and manage the architect, the owner’s representative and the General Contractor. Under the Design-Build delivery method, the Owner entrusts full responsibility for managing the entire process from design all the way through construction to the Prime Contractor. In most cases, a Design-Build contract better addresses the owner’s needs by providing quicker delivery and a greater degree of project control.

Benefits of Using the Design-Build Method:

  • Less contract management on the part of the Owner
  • Faster project delivery
  • Greater involvement of Owner in key decisions
  • Excellent value enhancement and engineering opportunities
  • Greater attention to Quality
  • Cost control is excellent
  • Early project cost projections
  • Fewer change orders

Speegle Construction is one of the leading Design-Build contractors in the Southeast. Contact our office to discuss how we can help you make your desired project a reality.