Location: Pensacola, Florida

Owner: Escambia County

Cost: $8,500,000

Completed On: October 2004

The 60,165 square foot facility is comprised of several groups responsible for day-to-day planning and management of the county’s effort to protect citizens. Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, Emergency Medical Operations, Emergency Medical Billing and Fire Safety comprise the core effort and are supported by Information Resources. Each element has specific and unique requirements for routine duties; and in the event of a natural disaster (or other community crisis), can move into round-the-clock action. The heart of the building is a dedicated control center with large computer screens, cameras, fiber optic communications and specialized lighting from which the entire county can be managed in the event of an emergency. Building was designed to meet FEMA and Homeland Security Guidelines for government operations centers. SCIF type features include: no wall or roof penetrations; all access is controlled by card readers which record the entrant; time and location of access; access locations monitored by video recorders; all exterior doors are lead lined blast doors; exterior walls are concrete masonry units filled with concrete; all communications systems interface with a LAN controllable A/V system and a 6” concrete hardened roof system. Functional spaces within the facility include: • Administrative Offices • Emergency Operations Area • Conference Rooms • Media Rooms • 911 Emergency Dispatch • Restroom / Shower / Locker Areas • Kitchen /Break Room Area • Weight Training / Exercise Area Particular emergencies considered by the design include: HURRICANE: Up to 200 mph winds NUCLEAR: Lead lined doors, concrete filled walls, roof wash down CHEMICAL: Represented by air intake/exhaust control-decontamination rooms BIOLOGICAL: Represented by air intake/exhaust control-decontamination rooms

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