Speegle Construction, Inc. is recognized as one of the top construction companies in the Florida Panhandle. Speegle Construction has a history of handling not only large, complex and demanding construction projects for many diversified customers, but also many smaller construction, utility, water, and sewer projects. Our success is attributable in large part to the outstanding relationship that we have been able to establish with our quality team of subcontractors on each project.

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SOF Maintenance Training Facility

Cost: $12,525,011
Construction of a 36,800 SF facility with a pre-engineered metal building high bay hangar and structural steel frame administrative area with reinforced concrete foundations and slabs on grade.

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SOF Combined Squad Operation Facility

Cost: $15,715,649
Construction of a 39,500 SF multi-story Special Operation Forces Combined Squad Operation sprinkler-equipped facility with a structural steel-framed structure resting on concrete foundations.

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GROC & TROC Facilities

Cost: $10,498,580
Construction of the Consolidated Gulf Range Operations Center (GROC) Facility and the Consolidated Telemetry Range Operations Center (TROC) Facility consists of 15,000 SF of multi-building construction to house test support personnel and equipment.

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OSIC & ACES Facilities

Cost: $14,039,464
Construction of a 13,341 SF Ordinance Science Innovation Center (OSIC) and 10,952 SF Applied Computation Engineering & Science Facility (ACES) for a total of 24,293 SF of new construction.

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Foreign Military Sales Facility

Cost: $16,665,789
This is a 40,946 SF two story controlled access building with a reinforced concrete foundation, slab on grade, second floor slab on metal deck and retrofit roof system over slab on metal deck constructed to force protection requirements.

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Cyber Mission Forces Add to 39 IOS Facility

Cost: $14,011,782
This is a highly sophisticated 36,436 SF two story controlled access building designed to train military personnel in countering cyber warfare and constructed to force protection requirements.

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Pecos Trail Dining Facility

Cost: $7,866,038
This project consists of slab on grade construction, steel erection, metal stud framing, TPO membrane roofing compound, and synthetic stucco exteri…

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FY14 Airmen and Family Readiness Center

Cost: $5,130,317
LEED GOLD Facility
This project consisted of the construction of a 12,000sf facility to support the various functions of th…

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FY14 SOF CNS Parachute Drying Tower for Aerial Delivery

Cost: $1,571,803
This project consisted of the construction of an approximately 100 foot tall parachute drying tower adjacent to and with interior access to the Aer…

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Design/Build FY12 F-35 Squadron Operations Facility/Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) 2

Cost: $12,930,896
Speegle Construction teamed with STOA Architects for the design and construction of this two-story, 42…

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FY-11 SOF OPS and Training Facility and UAS Squad Ops Facility

Cost: $24,645,000
This project involved the construction of a new two-story 81,780sf, 3rd & 33rd Squadron Operations Facility which contains an Operations Comman…

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Aviation Maintenance Unit

Cost: $20,020,365
This project involves the construction of a new 67,000 square foot hangar with administrative and shop areas to support C-130’s stationed at Cannon.

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City of Crestview, Well No. 9 and Elevated Storage Tank

Cost: $1,951,425
this project required the construction of an approximately 146 foot tall, 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank with cathodic and lightning pr…

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SOF Distant (East) Training Ranges

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Cost: $16,050,000

Completed On: August 2012

This Task Order Project was awarded to Speegle Construction under the Eglin Area MATOC for the Mobile District Corps of Engineers. The entire facility is constructed for…

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ACS Operations Training Complex

Cost: $8,400,000
Speegle Construction teamed with Pond & Company on this approximately 33,000 sq. ft. LEED® Operations Facility at Tyndall AFB. Scope…

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7th Special Forces Group Backyard Training Ranges

Cost: $12,222,000
7th Special Forces Backyard Training Ranges involves the construction of five (5) separate training ranges. The entire facility is constructed for…

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Design-Build Replace Dental Clinic

Cost: $10,540,000
This new two story, 31,372 square foot facility is designed to service more than 45,000 airmen and dep…

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Hangar Renovation

Cost: $3,606,498
“This contract was let with a normal 12 month duration reduced to 9 months. Speegle Construction’s management and workforce put out an exc…

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Lightning Dining Facility

Cost: $6,594,895
This 12,00 square foot dining facility seats up to 200 diners. The building employs the use of high end finishes which include porcelain tile,…

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OWC Community Services Complex

Cost: $30,674,000
The Northwest Florida State College project (formerly known as Okaloosa- Walton County Community Services Complex) is a multi-functional facility…

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1st AF AFFOR Training Center, PH III

Cost: $7,628,676
Construct Phase III to provide sufficient, consolidated administration facilities for the 1AF Headquarters/AFFOR. Phase III involves additional…

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