Location: Ft. Rucker, AL

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

Cost: $3,606,498

Completed On: January 2011

“This contract was let with a normal 12 month duration reduced to 9 months. Speegle Construction’s management and workforce put out an exceptional effort to meet the Government’s timeline. They organized the work in a concise manner while maintaining a high level of quality. They worked overtime and scheduled their activities to ensure the project was completed on time to meet the needs of Ft. Rucker. For these reasons they have earned an outstanding rating.” Stephen J. Mlecik, Resident Engineer, USACE Fort Rucker.

This project consisted of the complete renovation of an approximate 50,000 square foot hangar and adjoining shops and administrative offices. The scope of work required the complete removal of the exterior hangar skin, metal roof and hangar doors and replacement with new insulated metal wall panels, translucent panels and standing seam insulated metal roof along with new hangar doors. The hangar structure had to be modified as part of the re-skinning of the hangar. Interior renovations included the complete removal of all electrical, mechanical and fire protection systems along with the removal of all interior ceilings and finishes in administrative and ship areas. Special abatement procedures were followed for removal and disposal of transite wall panels and asbestos materials. New MEP systems inclusive of compressed air, HVAC, plumbing and complete electrical with fire alarm, access control and communications were installed along with new interior finishes consisting of ceramic tile in the bathroom areas, epoxy floor coating in the hangar bays and new metal stud/drywall, paint, carpet and acoustical ceiling tiles in the administrative offices. A combination of a new wet-pipe and foram fire protection system protected the hangar. The overhead bridge crane servicing the hangar bays was completely retrofitted.

The project was performed in a secure area requiring special clearances for all construction personnel. The construction schedule was extremely aggressive and requred weekend and evening work to complete the project on time. Careful and frequent coordination between the end-user, owner-representative (USACE) and contractor resulted in this being an extremely successful project.

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