Design-Build Solutions is the phrase that best describes Speegle Construction, Inc. Since 1998, the strategic focus of Speegle Construction has been Design-Build work.

Major customers have been the Department of Navy, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Air Force, HealthMark Regional and Rocky Bayou Christian School. Speegle has obtained the reputation of being one of the top Design-Build contractors in the Florida Panhandle, having been selected to perform work on Design-Build contracts valued in excess of $64 million.

Project types have been extremely diverse and have ranged from dormitories to medical clinics, to hangars, to administrative facilities, to classrooms and force protection enclosures.

Speegle has been successful in developing an internal Design-Build process that ensures the best possible results for our customers. This process aligns highly skilled construction managers with architectural and engineering firms that are best suited for the project at hand.

Speegle Construction’s reputation of being one of the most successful Design-Build contractors in the Panhandle has allowed us the unique opportunity of being selective in the A & E firm chosen for a specific project. We profile each potential project and put together the best possible team of design engineers, architects, subcontractors, project managers and field superintendents that specialize in the type of project we are pursuing.

This approach ensures that the best possible product and service is delivered on time and within budget to our customers. Every design and construction firm on our team stands behind their work and Speegle Construction guarantees that every project is built to the customer’s specifications utilizing the best possible materials available.

Speegle Construction stands ready to assist you in developing a Design-Build solution that meets your specific needs. Please contact us to obtain additional information on the advantages of doing business with Speegle.